Powder Coating

Is a material applied to parts using an electrostatic or compressed aire technique. The applied powder is then cured to the melting point of the resin, which then flows to a smooth thin film. After cooling, the powder coating cures to form a durable finish which is very resistant to scratches, cracking, peeling, UV rays and corrosion.

Such application may be ideal for: all types of metal substrates, from steel, aluminum, hot dipped galvanized steel as well as extruded architectural aluminum, used in windows & doors.

The range of products varies from fences to large sheet metals to small components such as bicycle frames, automotive chassis, & products, too lawn furniture.
Marine Environment: Towers, Hardware & Brackets, Outriggers, Railings, Radar Arches, Swim Platform, and Boat Window Frames. Powder coating applications are endless for both consumer and industrial applications.